How to find God?

how to meet god

Myth: God cannot be realized or seen. How to find God? Even no one has seen him.

How to meet God? Who can find God? are some questions that are still active and no one has answers.

Usually, it is being said that does God exist? I wanna say that it must have a name if something exists. And, I must say that God is present that’s why he is named as God. First of all, it needs to be clear, What is God? Where is God? Once it is solved, only then the ignorant will be able to see him.

What does God look like?

God is not a man or women, having five, six or seven feet in height. He is not made up of five basic elements like air, water, fire, earth, and sound. He is a supreme power, a spirit, who has created the whole universe and species living in it. 

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth

The Holy Bible (John 4:24)

He is almighty and omnipresent and he doesn’t need any house to live as he is everywhere. He was present before the beginning of time and life and will remain the same when nothing will be there because, everything in this universe is perishable but, God is permanent and immortal.

Has anyone ever seen God?


I have seen God myself.

Some might be thinking that I am lying but I am not. I have experienced the supreme power, whom people says God. Some believe that there is no God. A question arises if God cannot be seen, why it has been stated. Below quotations have proven that God can be seen and known.

After seeing this universal form, which I have never seen before, I am gladdened

Gita, 11:45

Swami Vivekananda pointed question, “Sir, have you seen God?”, the master (Ramakrishna Paramahansa) replied, Yes, I have seen God.”

The Saints of India, P-81

The Spiritual Master Ramakrishna Paramahansa told to Swami Vivekananda that, “I see God as I see you (Vivekananda) here, only more clearly. God can be seen”.

The Saints of India, P-81

How to see God?

It is clear and stamped that God can be seen. Now a question arises, how? and where to find God? And who can make this happen? If, I have to meet someone but I don’t have the address of his house then how I can visit him. On the other hand, if I say that I have to meet a person whom I have never met before. Then for sure, I will need an intermediary who will introduce me with him I have to meet.

how to find god

All the questions stated above can only be answered by the “True Master” (Satguru). True Master gives “The Third Eye” (divine knowledge) to a seeker. Satguru tells the address and description of God and becomes the intermediary between seeker and almighty. The same sense has shown in below lines.

Look at the history of the past prophets and the great spiritual master,
You will find that their destinies were molded by the True Master only.
All who appeared in the past could not realize God by their own effort,
Even Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and Guru Nanak could not remove the veil of ignorance on their own.
In order to show the way to the world, all had to follow the same principle,
And even those with miraculous power had to bow their head at the altar the True Master.
The string of the kite of the Divine Knowledge has always remained in the hands of True Master,
Avtar says, in spite of this, the ignorant world has been shouting in vain.

Sampuran Avtar Bani, Hymn 89


Hence, God is not so easy to attain that the one will sit in meditation and within one, two and ten or twenty years God will come to him automatically. The True Master’s grace only can make this possible.

The only thing seeker should do is that he should just forget his ego and bow in the holy feet of True Master requesting him for the holy grace. And the True Master without any condition, just within seconds will bless the ignorant with the Divine Knowledge of the omnipresent God.

If God is everywhere, why we can’t worship him by seeing God. I think we can, but before that, we need to see him.

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